“Nature Always Wins”


In 1968, Khun Chuchawal Pringpuangkeo founded Design 103 on top of his father’s clinic (House No. 103) in between Sukhumvit Soi 5 and 7. His father, Dr. Sem Pringpuangkeo, was a renowned medical doctor who dedicated his life to serving communities using alternative medicine and holistic treatments.

Inspired by his father’s dedication to improve Thailand’s medical and public health systems, Khun Chuchawal envisioned his designs to form, grow and sustain life like how a tree does. One that provides shade for the interconnected ecosystems underneath; converts detrimental elements into useful by-products; and distributes essential nutrients like water to the surroundings. Khun Chuchawal believed that in order for a tree to prosper, the fruits, leaves, branches, and roots have to work together to ensure a lasting future for itself and its community.

“Like a tree, our designs should integrate, support, and elevate our environment. Like a tree, our designs should generate positive social impact and contribute to local communities. Like a tree, our designs should have its roots in sustainability and innovation.”

In 1998, Design 103 joined De Weger of Rotterdam, The Netherlands (presently known as Royal HaskoningDHV) and Chuchawal – De Weger International of Bangkok (presently known as Chuchawal – Royal Haskoning) with the vision of integrating vernacular Thai architecture and innovative, global design processes. This was the conception of Design 103 International.