“We integrate

 innovative designs

 to inspire you”


Design 103 Limited, founded by Mr. Chuchawal Pringpuangkeo in 1968, is an independent consulting firm of architects, engineers, planners and interior designers capable of providing a wide variety of professional services.

In 1998, Design 103 joined with De Weger of Rotterdam, the Netherlands (presently known as Royal Haskoning) and Chuchawal-de Weger International Ltd. of Bangkok (now named Chuchawal-Royal Haskoning Ltd.) bringing the change in the company name to Design 103 International Ltd. With its long standing experience, Design 103 is able to offer its clients the full coverage of consulting services helping our clients avoid the complications, delays, and unnecessary costs often caused by having to deal separately with various consultants.

“Like a tree, our designs should integrate, support, and elevate our environment.

Like a tree, our designs should generate positive social impact and contribute to local communities.

Like a tree, our designs should have its roots in sustainability and innovation.