Riverside Condominium

Yangon, Myanmar

Name of Client

  • SCCP Riverside PTE,. Ltd


  • Yangon, Myanmar

Construction Area

  • 41,167 sq.m.

Project Start           

  • A.D. 2014

Scope of Services  

  • Architectural Design
  • Structural & Civil Design
  • Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Engineering Design
  • Interior and Signage Design
  • Landscape Design

Project Description

  • The SC Capital Partners Group is proposing to develop a mid tier condominium with facilities on existing land area 2,157 sq.m. for the main condominium development with an option for an additional 836 sq.m . to provide on grade facilities. The development will consist of 20-24-storey high building with approximately 100-110 individual units with full facilities including but not limited to swimming pool, gym, playground, sauna, function room and BBQ pit. Car parking to be provided to accommodate 180-200 cars on grade. A small jetty structure is planned at the riverfront and a sales gallery is also included in the project.