HAPPY FRIYAY Episode 2 : World Expo 2022, Dubai

Our design team went to visit our beloved Thai Pavilion and came back with fascinating takeaways on 3 pavilions that best represented and expressed the Expo’s 3 key themes – Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity.

  • The Mobility Pavilion by Foster + Partners was an outstanding physical manifestation of dynamism and movement – fitting with the name Alif (which symbolizes the beginning of progress and new horizons). Such manifestation was evident in the use of highly-reflective stainless steel as the facade’s cladding material, which was inspired by the aerodynamic quality of aircraft wings.
  • The Sustainability Pavilion by Grimshaw Architects brought people closer to nature by identifying the possibilities for making environmentally-conscious choices. The interactive energy trees that harvest solar energy is one of many features that prove that sustainability in the most strenuous climates and environments is indeed possible. The pavilion itself is slated to become a science museum after the end of the Expo, symbolizing the far-reaching implications of sustainability.
  • The Opportunity Pavilion by AGi Architects amalgamates people from different backgrounds and cultures using the physical realm as a collaborative and interactive platform. The “plaza”, a ubiquitous and universal urban typology, becomes the center for immersive expositions that unite ideas and experiences.
    We would like to thank all contributors from every pavilion who made the World Expo 2022 experience a memorable one. See you all in Osaka 2025!