Lunch & Learn (L&L) : Lighting Design Fundamentals

At D103i, we host Lunch & Learn (L&L) sessions with professionals from across various industries and fields. Today we hosted a fellow D103i alumna, Khun Pimporn Phonchuchuen, a Lighting Designer at APLD. Her interactive talk was both informative and enlightening as she gave us insights on the intricacies of balancing daylighting with artificial lighting to generate awe-inspiring spaces.

When making decisions about form, massing and materiality, it is important to consider how light plays a role in enhancing space. From finessing the apertures of light openings to choosing the appropriate color temperature and illuminance, lighting designers play a critical role in ensuring that all users experience light in the way it should be experienced.

We would like to thank Khun Pimporn Phonchuchuen for the talk and wish her well on her future endeavors as an expert of light.